Student Transportation

Student Drop off and Pick up

​Drop off before school:

In the morning, before school, the bus will drop off students in the cafeteria parking lot. Parents may drop off students at the flag pole by the main office, or in the cafeteria parking lot by the playcourt.

Pick up after school:

After school, we have 2 bus pick-up areas:

After school, car pickup areas:

School Bus Information - This website can help parent/guardian(s) know where our students' bus stops will be, and includes drop off & pick up times for morning and afternoon.

School bus fees:

If you'd like your child to ride the bus, please stop by the school office and fill out an application. For more information about the bus , please click on this link.

To apply for an online bus pass please click on this link: 

eTriton link online application

You can email for an electronic application form.

Please note: